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Can you find the Champagne?


Help! The Champagne was delivered somewhere in the hotel...
Only you can help us find it.

If you have made it this far, thank you for helping us! At the end of this

path lies 12 bottles of champagne to the lucky first 12 teams to uncover the secrets woven into this fun evening. This hunt is just for fun, as the hotel will be providing our midnight toast, so please do not let it dominate your night. Enjoy the wedding and celebrate with usWe hid the champagne so there would be even more fun to be had at the best wedding ever. Each step of this puzzle will lead to the next and when you know the solution to a puzzle, click "SOLVE" and enter your solution.

If you need help, track us down - we accept bribes.

Have fun and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

-The Steves

TIP: When solving, always use lowercase letters and no spaces.

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